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Thank You - Every Bit Makes A Difference!

  • New Racer Fund
    • 11 racers got their first race fee for free in '16/'17
    • Donations can be made when you renew you RMM Membership on!
  • Corporate Sponsorship
    • Thanks to "A Racer's Edge, Fischer, HWK, FKSKS, Fuxi Racing, and Boot Mechanics who all donated at least $500 to RMM last year. Your contributions help make our events better each year!
    • Know of any new sponsors that might be interested? Let us know!
  • Sponsor a Race Day
    • Last year, this program covered 13% of our operating expenses and is vital to keeping us racing at a variety of venues as costs can vary significantly with location.
    • Donations can be made through the website or by downloading the form and mailing it in.
    • Returning sponsors have first right of refusal on reoccurring events.

We are also working on an annual report format that will provide general information about how the fees and donations collected are used throughout the season.

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26 Oct 2017