Final 2016-2017 Schedule


The final schedule is set! We have made a few additions/changes from the original schedule based on feedback and availability at resorts. Additions/changes are highlighted in 
RED on the schedule below. Registration is open for all events on

Things to note:

  • 2GS races added at Beaver Creek on Saturday 1/21
  • GS races added at Ski Cooper on Saturday 1/28 and Sunday 4/2
  • The February 11-12 Ski Cooper DH is now on the weekend days with training on Saturday and races on Sunday. Ski Cooper will likely have their typical training camp day on 2/10.
  • Echo is the only remaining area we are still in discussion with for this season. Due to the transition to the new management, things are still up in the air there, but we will keep you updated.
  • Many have asked about race sponsorship, we will be following up with these requests over the next week now that the schedule is final!
Dec. 17-18 Winter Park 2SL/GS
Jan. 13-16 Ski Cooper DHtr/2DH/2SG/SL
Jan. 21 Beaver Creek 2GS
Jan. 22 Loveland 2GS
Jan. 27 Breckenridge 2SG
Jan. 28 Ski Cooper GS
Jan. 29-31 Aspen Highlands 2SG/DHtr/2DH
Feb. 11-12 Ski Cooper DHtr/2DH
Feb. 26 Loveland 2SL
Apr. 1-2 Ski Cooper Fuxi SC*/GS

*The Fuxi SC does not require a USSA license and is not RMM scored. Proceeds benefit the Cloud City Ski Club. Registration will open later for the Fuxi SC.

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15 Dec 2016