Welcome to Rocky Mountain Masters

We are the premier adult ski racing league in the Rocky Mountain region.

We are a fully licensed and insured Club of the US Alpine Masters Division of US Ski & Snowboard. You will find all ability classes and age classes at our races and we can't wait to see you on the slopes!

Spring Training

Spring Training Camp

RMM 5 Packs

We are out of 5-packs for the 22-23 season, thank you to all those who bought one!  Come back next year for another 5-pack!

2023 Rocky Mountain Masters Schedule

2023 Rocky Mountain Masters schedule


To register for all events and to purchase items Rocky Mountain Masters has for sale, go to masters.adminskiracing.com (a separate site).  To register for most events, you will need to create an Account and a Profile on that separate site. Some items such as Raffle Tickets, apparel, and Banquet Tickets may be purchased without an Account and Profile on the site. Need Help Creating Your Account? If you've never created an account before, this short set of instructions will help you!

New Website!

Rocky Mountain Masters is implementing an entirely new website and registration system for the 2023 season.  If you have concerns about the site and would like to share your thoughts with us, please use the Contact page.

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Race and Party Sponsorships

Sponsoring a race is very helpful in covering some of the expenses of hill space. Sponsoring a race helps us to be able to provide food and beverages in a more comfortable space.

New for 2023 are party sponsorships and combined race and party sponsorships!

Party sponsorships are $250 with a $50 discount off each party in addition to a race. We still have party sponsorships available.

Race and Party Sponsorships:

Events Race Party Race & Party
1 $400 $250 $600
2 $725 $500 $50 discount off each party
3 $975 $750 $50 discount off each party  

Sponsorship Opportunities

We need a beer sponsor for 2023!

All of our races are sponsored for this season!!  However, we could use some love to keep on putting together great awards parties.

We need sponsors for the following parties:

Sat Mar 25 Loveland - End of season party